Safety Tips

Safety Tips For Travelling In Private Hire

Traveling with loved ones in a private hire is often safe but sometimes it gets really risky and uncomfortable when you are alone or traveling with some worthy stuff.
But don’t worry! We are here to guide you with our expertise of how can you travel safely in a private hire to Reading or anywhere around the globe.

Book a Private Hire in Advance and calculate your fare in advance

When you book a car in advance, make sure you understand how much the trip will cost, whether you’ll pay a metered fare or a flat rate, and what tip is customary in the area where you’re traveling.
Once you enter the car, explain to the driver that you already know how much the car quote showed.
If the driver does not agree or persist on charging you something different than what you were told in advance, get out of the car and call the private hore service immediately to report the disparity.

Look at the Car Carefully

Most countries, specifically in North America and Europe, require licensed car drivers to keep their cars in good condition with routine maintenance up to date.
Keep in mind that if something turns you off or just doesn’t “feel right” about the car itself, or the driver, you don’t have to get into the car. Trust in your guts and call another private hire company if you are not sure about it.

Know how long would it take to reach you at your destination

Have an idea for how long would your journey be. and where is it really, You can easily look this up online or on your smartphone, but be realistic about your knowledge of the area. While the private hire driver may know a better route or one that avoids toll booths if you’re headed the wrong way just feel free to get out at the first opportunity.

Sit in the backseat

In the backseat, you’re less visible to the driver and passersby as well. If you’re traveling solo, sitting in the middle puts you farther out of reach too. The less accessible you are, the less likely you’ll be targeted.
You can even sit in the corner seat at the back behind the driver so even if he has some bad intentions to threaten you or assault you, reaching out to you would be difficult and you can use the time to escape from the car and call for an emergency to the directed authorities.

Keep conversation strictly professional

It can be difficult, particularly if you’re on a long ride, not to engage in small talk. Despite that, you will be safer the lesser the car driver knows about you.
If the car driver asks you personal questions, you can simply say you are not interested in carrying on a conversation.

Keep your things near at hand

When you’re riding in a private hire, the further away from you your belongings are, the more likely chances of them to get lost or stolen. If you have a large suitcase with you, try to place it somewhere in the car where you can keep an eye on it.
If the car has a trunk that locks, ask to put your suitcase there. Watch the car driver place your suitcase in the trunk and make sure that the trunk door is closed completely before you get in the car.
Don’t part with smaller bags, backpacks, or purses – especially if they have your wallet or cash inside them.

Hide electronics and expensive items

If you are carrying items such as your mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop computer, make sure they are well hidden before you get into the car, and keep them out of sight the entire trip.
You may not think of these things as all that valuable or expensive, especially if they are commonplace in your home country, but they make you a target for thieves.
If at all possible, transfer such items to a bag you will keep with you, if you are carrying them in a larger suitcase that must be stored in the trunk.

Make sure someone know you are traveling

Maintain your safety by ensuring that someone else knows when you are getting in the car and approximately how long your trip will take – even if that person isn’t local.
If someone knows you’re in a car, they’ll know that if they don’t hear from you within a certain amount of time that something might have happened to you. They can take steps to call the appropriate authorities.

At Reading Cars all our private hire are equipped with state of the art GPS Dispatch systems, allowing us to prioritize your trip and let your loved ones know where you are at the moment if you share your location with them and so do we know to keep a personal check on our drivers movement while on their trip.

Keep reviewing maps of the area

If you’re completely unfamiliar with an area, you’re more likely to be taken advantage of. This can impact your safety as well as costing you more money than you expected.
For example, if the private hire driver knows that you don’t know anything about the area, they may take you on a long, twisted route to run up the fare.
However, in most countries, if you give the driver a specific route they must follow it.
If the private hire driver goes in the wrong direction or tries to take you on a different route or argue about which way to go, thank them for their time and exit the car immediately.

Keep your phone close

While you should take care to hide expensive electronics, your phone also is a safety line. If trouble arises or you sense danger, you need to be able to get to your phone quickly.
Don’t put your phone in your back pocket so that you’re sitting on it. This can make it difficult to get out in an emergency.

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