Go green

Go green

Besides the luxury sedans and MPVs, National Airport Links also has a hybrid car: the Toyota Prius. We believe that the future of ground transportation is in helping you reduce your carbon footprint, and to get our green efforts started, our fleet now includes the Toyota Prius.

Like with many of Toyota’s vehicles, the Prius has become a standard-bearer in its class. The 2015 Toyota Prius can travel 100 km on just 4.6 litres of gasoline in the city, and 4.9 litres on the highway. Indeed, it is the most advanced hybrid currently available on the market, seamlessly switching between an electric motor and petrol engine depending on the driving conditions.

For our clients, this translates to silent travel in the city traffic combined with ultra-low emissions. Besides the stellar fuel economy, this four-door hatchback hybrid features a spacious cabin with a surprisingly roomy backseat and cargo area, so you have plenty of legroom and climate control for the ultimate comfort in an environmental friendly way.

For those short, quick trips

When you need to take a quick trip to a local meeting point or the train station, the Toyota Prius is the perfect choice to help you and your syndicate cut down your carbon footprint.

More green selections

National Airport Links is looking to increase the options for hybrid cars, though our drivers are impressed with the Prius, citing unbeatable strengths like its ultra-low emissions, outstanding mileage, hatchback utility, and reasonable price. It also has a long sales history and is very popular among environmental friendly households, which makes it a very reliable and dependable car.

If we were to consider an alternative to the Prius, it would probably still be a Japanese car, like the Honda Accord Hybrid, which delivers the best of both worlds: refined driving dynamics, high-quality interior, an impressively efficient hybrid powertrain with 47 mpg combined mpg, 0 to 60 mph in 7.5 seconds, and good value.

Happy Client's


We have started a new fad in the transport industry with our experienced professional management and won over many hearts and served thousands of customers.

We would like to thank all the clients for using Reading cars and gave us some of the satisfied compliments.